Daily Routine

How can you start incorporating Ayurveda into your life? The first step is to create routine.Our physical, mental, emotional and perceptual bodies like routine. An ideal daily rise would be by 6:00 AM and sleep by 10:00 PM., while this may not be possible for everyone due to work schedule and other commitments. If that describes you, you can try to create a wake and sleep that inconsistent with your life.

Ayurveda encourages 3 meals per day with the largest meal at the lunch hour. Try to eat meals with intention. Sit and make the space to bring nourishment in. Eating on the run brings imbalance into the system. Make your food. When we create our meals ourselves we know the quality of the ingredients and we are hopefully creating each meal with the intention of self love and love for those may be sharing our food with. Chose food grown with intention, ie.,buying local eggs, produce that is organic or non-GMO.

All routine is started from the awareness of self care and self love.

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