Stay Safe and Be well

                         During this unprecedented time in history, I hope you are healthy and secure. 

           We are all doing our part just by staying home and doing all the things needed individually and  as as a society. We understand that it is for the common good that we stay home, only going out with a mask and gloves to replenish our food supplies and other essentials.

                         Take this time to breathe a little deeper. Find time in your day to connect with those you love and care about. Perhaps reaching out to someone you haven't in some time.. Send a thought or note of gratitude to someone who is a first responder. They will appreciate the recognition and it is an easy way to pay homage to their efforts.

                          Work on improving how you can best take care of yourself. Start somewhere simple, perhaps adding a cup of warm water with lemon to start your day.  You may chose to expand that care to eating three balanced meals per day, regulating your sleep schedule, self massage, as well as yoga and meditation daily. Use this as an opportunity to build on the way you take care of yourself. You may find that there can be great joy in the process.